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The Lead Detention Officer, under the direction of the Facility Administrator, is responsible for overseeing the security management of the Sault Tribe Youth Facility and for providing for the safety, welfare and security of the residents, staff, and visitors within the Sault Tribe Youth Facility. The position is responsible for the daily oversight of the Detention Officers and for ensuring team members achieve a high level of performance in support of the department's mission, strategic plan and objectives.


  • Reviews all case materials for Detention Officers and ensures the proper documents are in order for transmittal to the Chief of Police and Facility Administrator. 
  • Assists with case file management ensuring that all documentation meets Federal and State requirements.
  • Assists with ensuring departmental and Tribal policies and procedures are adhered to and with setting departmental policies and procedures.
  • Assists with interviewing and recommending applicants for hire, promotions, terminations and disciplinary actions.
  • Assists Facility Administrator and Chief of Police with solving problems related to working conditions.
  • Develops, implements, supervises and evaluates the work processes, policies and procedures and projects to achieve annual goals, objectives and work standards. 
  • Ensures Detention Officers are scheduled to receive mandatory annual in-service training, to meet Bureau of Indian Affairs contract requirements and State of Michigan licensing requirements.
  • Oversees training and policy and procedures of support staff, including cooks.
  • Closely supervises residents of the facility to ensure that adequate security measures are met and that order is maintained.
  • Conducts security checks, takes resident counts, performs room inspections and monitors video and audio systems.
  • Performs room checks as required when residents are secured in rooms, searches for prohibited items on residents, in rooms and throughout the facility and performs regular counts of potentially dangerous items.
  • Provides day-to-day leadership and ensures high performance of staff to support the department's mission, strategic plan and objectives.
  • Plans and evaluates the performance of staff; establishes performance requirements and personal development; regularly monitors performance and provides guidance for performance improvement and development. 
  • Observes, confronts and redirects residents' behavior within a behavior management setting and enforces rules by providing positive and negative reinforcements.
  • Coordinates work by scheduling assignment and overseeing the work of the Detention Officers.
  • Oversees and assures the work quality and quantity by directing the Detention Officers to adhere to methods and procedures.
  • Plans, organizes, controls, integrates and evaluates the work of line staff. 
  • Organizes and directs recreational activities including physical education, games, gym events, outdoor events and other activities.
  • Intervenes as necessary in crisis situations and follows policy and procedural guidelines for physical and mechanical restraints, room confinements and other appropriate action.
  • Ensures appropriate behavior is adhered to and that safety and security are maintained.


  • Works with staff to ensure all goals and objectives are clear and understood. 
  • Ensures proper procedures are followed and resolves problems and complaints. 
  • Analyzes, develops and monitors the department. 
  • Evaluates and implements new programs. 
  • Establishes and enforces internal controls and procedures to ensure activities follow state and federal regulations.
  • Provides guidance to line staff.                                                               
  • Oversees the preparation and dispensing of prescribed medications.
  • Refers youth for any health-related problems as necessary.
  • Completes injury/illness forms as needed and notes any physical or other health related problems.
  • Transports youth for medical and dental appointments and activities outside of the facility.
  • Ensures youths are provided nutritional balanced meals daily, including those with special dietary needs and assists with distribution of meals and supervising of the clean-up of the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Performs intakes of residents, gathers information, searches for contraband and assesses the resident's potential for suicide or health concerns or physical health problems.
  • Reports any suspected child abuse or neglect.
  • Prepares operational and management reports for review by Chief of Police and Facility Manager, including operational performance and project status. 
  • Performs drug testing, urinalysis and breathalyzer testing as required.
  • Assists therapist in the development and implementation of the planning and goal setting process for the individual youth.
  • Researches, compiles and analyzes data for special projects and departmental reports.
  • Prepares a variety of reports and documents summarizing resident progress, observations, incidents, behavior and adjustment problems and other required information.
  • Works with staff to ensure all goals and objectives are clear and understood. 
  • Ensures proper procedures are followed to gather data and to resolve problems and complaints. 
  • Assists with distribution of meals and supervising of the clean-up of the kitchen and dining area.
  • All other job-related duties as assigned.


Immediate peers, peers in other departments, immediate supervisor/manager, managers in other departments, customers and outside vendors/service providers.


Position heavy with lifting of 100 pounds maximum and with frequent lifting/carrying up to 50 pounds. Physical factors include frequent standing, walking, carrying, use of hearing, near/midrange/far vision, depth perception, field/color vision, bending, typing and driving; occasional sitting, lifting, pushing/pulling, climbing, stooping, kneeling, crawling, reaching, manual handling and use of smell. Working conditions include occasional exposure to weather, extreme heat/cold, wet/humidity, and noise and air quality. Potential hazards include frequent exposure to moving mechanical parts, client contact and computer use; occasional exposure to chemicals, insecticides/pesticides, infectious exposure, needles/syringes and equipment. Potential exposure to physical and emotional behavior of youths. Personal protection equipment provided by employer includes items such as but not limited to, gloves, gowns, face shields, masks, eye protection, mouth pieces, resuscitation bags, pockets masks, ventilation devices and other equipment as needed. Immunizations including Hepatitis B vaccination series will be offered to team member at no cost. TB vaccinations required on yearly basis and provided to team member at no cost.


Education: High School diploma or equivalent required.  

Experience: Minimum of three years' experience working in the Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement field required.

Certification/License: Will be required to undergo and successfully pass a background check. Must maintain a good moral character standing. Must have a valid driver's license and be insurable by the Sault Tribe Insurance Department. Must comply with annual driver's license review and insurability standards with the Sault Tribe Insurance Department. Will be required to complete and pass pre-employment drug testing.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must be able to use independent judgment in decisions that influence the operations of the detention center. Must have organizational skills and be able to plan, prioritize and manage work load to meet goals in a timely manner.  Must be able to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, in a diverse range of audiences and settings. Must have excellent public relation/customer service skills and be able to exhibit friendly and positive attitude and establish and maintain effective communication with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, residents and guests.  Must have ability to professionally and effectively resolve issues, conflicts and system problems. Must be able to obtain CPR/First Aid certification within 6 months of hire, training will be provided.  Must maintain confidentiality. Must be able to successfully complete the Juvenile Detention Officer-Training Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as mandatory by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Native American preferred.

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